Answering the Call

Right now I am working through the Initiate Knit Design workshop, run by Frenchie from Aroha Knits. I’ve swatched, ripped back, re-swatched, ripped back, and re-reswatched, and now I’m ready to cast on for real! But more on that story on Friday.

Today I want to talk about mermaids.

This summer I participated in my first Mystery Knit Along, or MKAL. It was run by the lovely ladies over at Lattes & Llamas, and it was a shawl called The Call of the Siren. I am low-key obsessed with marine creatures, real or imaginary, so I just had to join this MKAL. The yarn was absolutely gorgeous. Two skeins of their Vacation base (75% superwash merino, 25% nylon) dyed in exclusive colors called Thelxiepeia and Himerope. Thelxiepeia started as a bright teal, fading through blue and purple to a nearly black violet. Himerope was a warm rust that transitioned to bright red, orange, yellow, and eventually to a pale sandy shade. Both yarns also came wrapped up in yarn bras, mermaid-stamped fabric sleeves to hold the cakes together as you knit.

The kit also contained these lovely little starfish stitch markers!

The design of this shawl was exquisite. The variety is very visually appealing and it keeps the shawl from being boring to knit. I learned a few new stitches – mosaic and elongated, I got reacquainted with double knitting (which I am still terribly slow at) and I learned a new short row technique.

The Siren Queen depicted in double knitting, bordered by elongated stitches on the left and mosaic stitch on the right.

This having been my first mystery KAL, I was honestly a bit anxious knitting it up without really knowing how it would turn out. Often times if I have trouble reading a pattern or am learning a new stitch, I can use the photos of the finished product as a guide, and I can figure out what I’m really supposed to be doing. I couldn’t do that with this project, I just had to trust that Megan-Anne and Jac knew what they were doing when they designed the shawl. And my faith paid off! The shawl ended up gorgeous, thanks to the beautiful colors and the intricate stitch details.

The finished shawl!


After this experience, I definitely want to do more MKALs. The joy of seeing the pattern emerge as you go is so fun, and sometimes a little mystery is good for the soul. And for the cherry on top of the sundae, I also won the giveaway and got a free skein of Camp Wannaknit yarn in the mail! Now I just have to figure out what to do with it… suggestions welcome! See you back here on Friday for a run down of my Initiate Knit Design experience!

Camp Wannaknit pictured here with some strawberries and flowers.



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