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FREE Scarf Pattern and Tassel Tutorial!

Today I’m releasing a new free scarf pattern – Kiss the Teacher is an easy, chunky triangle scarf that’s the perfect quick knit for autumn! Get the PDF download for free on Ravelry by clicking the link above. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make the tassels for the corners of the scarf.

First, gather your supplies. You’ll need some yarn, good scissors, and a piece of cardboard (or a thin, flexible notebook like I have here) that is the length you want your tassel to be.


Begin by wrapping the yarn around the cardboard. Wrap several times, more or less depending on how full you want the tassel.


Thread a short piece of yarn through the top of the wrapped yarn and tie it loosely (it will be tightened later).


Cut the yarn at the bottom of the cardboard with scissors.


Adjust the position of the thread through the top to make both sides even, then cinch the thread and tie it tightly (as you can see, mine isn’t quite even here. Just pull the shorter side through the knot a bit more before cinching the thread).


Then take another short piece of yarn and wrap it around the top of the tassel, pulling tightly to knot.


And now you have a cute tassel to attach the ends of your scarf! You can use these tassels for hats, purse charms, or even garlands for decoration!


Don’t forget to grab your free Kiss The Teacher scarf pattern on Ravelry!


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