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On The Road Again

Hello readers! As I write it is 9am on a Tuesday, and I have spent the last 15 hours curled up on various surfaces throughout Dublin airport. I have had a total of 1.75 hours of sleep, and I don’t even know how many coffees at this point. Perfect time to write a concise, entertaining, and informative blog post! Read on at your own risk.

So, the reason I’m in Dublin airport at all is because I’m off to Scotland for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, or EYF. (The reason I’ve been at the airport for that long is because I’m cheap and it’s free to sleep here. More money to spend on yarn!) A few days ago I packed up most of my belongings and left them with a friend, and I packed my little carry-on suitcase and backpack (thanks, Penney’s!) with everything I’ll need for the next two months (approximately. I actually don’t know how long I’ll be gone, I cannot stress how little of my life I have planned at this moment #YOLO). And because I’m cheap, I’m not checking a bag. That means I have one litre-sized bag for all my liquids, and no scissors! It also means my bag was chosen for a “random” check at security, because the poor security officers had no idea why a young, sleep-deprived woman would have a backpack full of pointy metal sticks (they didn’t take them off me though! Just gave me funny looks).

How many WIPs does one need at the airport??

I spent the long weekend in Donegal with some knit night friends, and we had a great time. We explored many beaches, went stargazing, toured Glenveagh, and accidentally joined a local St. Patrick’s Day parade. We also did some knitting, of course, although I accomplished zero net knitting over the three days (I knit and ripped back the border of a cowl three times before I decided it’s not even going to be a cowl).

My Mary Ellen Carter Shawl at Sliabh Liag in Co. Donegal. 

This week I’ll be in Edinburgh, exploring the city, knitting, squishing yarn, and hopefully meeting lots of cool knitters! I’m really excited, as this is my first real yarn festival. I am taking a brioche class from Nancy Marchant and I’m going to the big knit night on the Thursday. I have a very strict shopping list that I cannot deviate from due to both lack of funds and lack of space in my (carry-on) suitcase, and I can tell you now that I will most definitely not stick to my shopping list. Like I said, I would rather spend 20 hours in an airport than spend €20 on a hostel bed, but I will gladly spend more than that on one skein of wool. Priorities.


After Edinburgh, I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be going. The plan is to travel around Ireland and the UK until I head back to the States for the foreseeable future (at least through the summer, probably). I will try to keep you, dear readers, updated on my travels, but if you really want to know where I am the best place to follow my adventures is on Instagram! I will try to keep up with WIP Wednesday videos as I travel, and I’ll definitely be posting loads of photos and stories!

Modelling my recently finished raglan with cable detail on the beach in Donegal.

OK, I’m off to buy another cup of coffee before my flight, and to try to write up a pattern for a recent FO (check IG for updates on that!)

Catch ya later,


P.S. One of my designs is in the Spring + Summer issue of Knitty! Check out PomPomPop for free and pop over to This Is Knit to pick up a Townhouse Yarns mini skein kit to match mine!

My PomPomPop shawl, free pattern on!

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